No Damage, no Fun!

From Shadows

What a filth enveloped the world that its only salvation may be… two bloody beasts? Born of anger, blood and night werewolf Gregor and vampire Hredrick launch a crusade in defiance of unspeakable evil. Will they accomplish the mission even though opposed by hordes of hellish opponents, enraged people they are trying to save and even ... your loved ones? There are no illusions. This time the stakes are the highest possible.

The Game ‘From Shadows’ is a manually drawn (in 5K resolution) thrilling journey through darkness. With a coherent story referring to the classical Gothic novel it combines the best features of platform games and beat'em-up genre and the mood is embellished with music composed specifically for the game and perfectly harmonizing with its spirit. Adding the day and night playing mode that has a substantial impact on the course of the game, co-op split-screen play option or complex and demanding battles with unique bosses, you get a gameplay in its purely savage form!

Key game features:

• interesting storyline

• mood graphics

• hordes of different opponents and intuitive combat system

• two-player co-op mode on split screen

• extensive boss battles

• day and night shifts affecting the gameplay

• talent system that gives a real impact on the fighting style

• pleasant background music composed specifically for the game

At this point I would like to thank Jakub Ćwiek for their selfless help in writing the text above and for being a nice guy. Jakub is the author of books such as the 'Liar', 'Boys' and many other stories. Thank you Jakub!

Click here to download From Shadows Presskit

From Shadows release date is set!

From Shadows will be released on Steam on August 10, 2017.


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