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Barn Rush


Barn Rush is a cute, simple game for kids made for ios devices.

Barn rush is all about rescuing chicks and ducklings from the bad raccoon as you snake around the barnyard. Raccoons work in packs so watch out! grab every bag you can to help get rid of them.

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From Shadows


From Shadows is a mix of beat'em up, platformer and RPG. Made for PC/Mac/Linux and mobile platforms.

From Shadows is hand drawn in 5k resolution story of extraordinary heroes. Unusual gameplay lets play as either werewolf or vampire. Defending land of steradore have to deal with hundreds of demons, times of the day and... Steradore residents who unknowingly true nature of danger turn on their saviors.

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Coming soon

New Project

Our new game will be made for PC/Mac/Linux and mobile platforms.

Here we will put new informations and pictures so check back frequently!

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